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Lamesa's long-lasting transportation infrastructure and availability of land have enabled a range of manufacturing and wide selection of sustainable industries. As each year passes, companies are continuing to recognize other assets of Lamesa, including a diversity in manpower and renewable energy infrastructure. 


Industries such as U.S. Silica, Sandbox Logistics, Smith Fans, Delaney Vineyards, B-P Supply, Sam Stevens, Inc. and Fresenius are just a few corporations that call our community home. Expansion of manufacturing, medical, retail and additional ancillary providers, as well as long-term sustainability of the oilfield within the Permian Basin are strong contributors to our thriving and budding economy. 

Lamesa Economic Development, the Lamesa Independent School District and Howard College continue to focus on increasing our workforce and Lamesa Economic Development continues to vigorously pursue new business and assist expanding enterprise within Lamesa through resource partnerships at the local, state and federal levels.

We invite you to take a front row seat to a future full of endless possibilities.

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targeted industries

The Lamesa Economic Development Strategic Plan is a blueprint that was created to capitalize on the strengths of the region and serves as a foundation for recruitment of targeted industry. The economic development approach focuses on:

Identified industries within the target are vital for future economic and workforce development activities. Please Contact Us if you would like additional information on bringing your business industry to the city of Lamesa.


Service within Healthcare is a widely spread industry cluster, and this spread of industry certainly is no different within Lamesa. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics projects strong recent growth in health services to continue with above-average employment gains through 2018. These projections are consistent with past employment trends within this sector and highlight a continued need for healthcare.​

Lamesa Economic Development has available sites within the Medical Park located near the Medical Arts Hospital, Sage Assisted Living facility, Fresenius Kidney Care and an array of other medical providers.

Identified industries within the target are vital for future economic and workforce development activities.


Please Contact Us to discuss your medical project.


Many retail sectors have located to Lamesa, and because of the available resources that are beneficial to these sectors, we continue to expect robust growth in the area of retail. Access to major highway, a large trade area, and growing demand are just a few of the reasons that retailers have discovered the impact of locating to our community. It is because of this demand that we are continuing to target industry demand retailers for Lamesa, Texas.


Please Contact Us to discuss your retail project.

Advanced Manufacturing & Precision Metals

This trade is an important industry cluster in the United States, responsible for over $2 trillion of output into the economy in 2013. In many states, including Texas, this industry is a top attraction and the focus of many expansion initiatives. Due to the prominence of existing companies, this industry cluster has significant impact on the regional economy. The city of Lamesa continues to foresee strong potential for many types of manufacturing operations, particularly those tied to agriculture and renewable energy-related manufacturing. Markets for the steel building industry are mostly international, making the growth and retention of manufacturing activity and cutting-edge products paramount to this region. More specialized technical training will help to ensure the future success of this industry cluster in the region.


Please Contact Us to discuss your manufacturing project.

process, physical distribution and logistics services - including consulting

Over the past five years, the Freight Packing & Logistics Services in the US industry has grown by 3.2% to reach revenue of $3 billion in 2019. In the same time-frame, the number of businesses has grown by 3.8% and the number of employees has grown by 3.1%.

The city of Lamesa continues to see a strong demand for logistics services that include consulting as a measure.


Please Contact Us to discuss your logistics project.

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