Doing Business

Doing business in Lamesa has never been easier.

Lamesa Economic Development customer-first approach to start-ups, existing firms, and any business considering locating in Lamesa.

We welcome the opportunity to assist companies of any size from maturing small businesses to high-employment/capital intensive projects.

Small or large, if you’re considering starting a business, already in the start-up stage, or want to learn how to grow your existing business in Lamesa, TX, we can help you. Our services are free and confidential (Note: if you receive funding from Lamesa Economic Development, some information may become public since tax dollars fund us).

Lamesa Economic Development offers a broad spectrum of assistance to industry. LED explores traditional and creative solutions to make your project a success in our City. When local industry wins, Lamesa wins.

LED can provide confidential and liaison-type services including, but not limited to: (1) financial and various local incentives for projects creating full-time jobs and/or making significant capital investments into the community (eg. equipment, facilities, etc); (2) cocooning projects from start to finish to ensure success; (3) workforce development; (4)site selection (land & building); (5) site option due diligence and local interfacing; (6) industry-specific research; (7) retention and expansion activities; and (8) business advocacy.

Direct links to industry-specific site selection criteria in Lamesa are provided below:

LED is your one-stop-shop for everything business.

success-really-looks-likeLamesa Economic Development has restructured to offer free and valuable assistance to the smallest businesses.

Need help getting your business off the ground? Baffled by the steps involved? Looking to break into new markets or take advantage of the latest in social, web and mobile marketing? Need to learn how to better manage your business finances with software like QuickBooks®? We can help.

How is LED helping small businesses? It’s quite simple. We’ve fully integrated with our regional Small Business Development Center (SBDC) to provide top-notch business counseling and assistance to Lamesa businesses. The UTBP SBDC has assigned Lamesa its own bilingual consultant, Larrisa Reza (see our Contact page for more information).

LED has also partnered with the UTPB SBDC to create a single Request for Assistance Application. LED will accept the intake forms, business plans, and financial projections from the SBDC for LED loans and grants. The one-size-fits-all application will enable constituents to apply for consulting, training, research, and financial assistance from both the SBDC and LED at the same time. By consolidating forms and aligning various requirements, new and existing companies will now have a smooth, end-to-end business assistance experience.

Below is a graphic to help Lamesa small businesses understand the process.

Small Business Assistanct with LED

SBDCs have been around for 35 years. With nearly 1,000 locations across the country, each provides small businesses and entrepreneurs with access to the essential resources to start and grow. From in-person consulting and training to a mobile app webinar series that can help budding entrepreneurs plan their escape from the nine to five – during their commute! For small businesses that seek out the services of their local SBDC, the payoff is significant:

  • SBDC clients generate $100,000 in sales every four minutes and create a new job every 7 minutes!
  • Over 58 percent of pre-venture SBDC clients start new businesses (that’s a new business every 33 minutes)!

So if you thought you knew everything about what your local SBDC has to offer, think again!

Here’s a glimpse of the valuable services they provide:

Small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs can go to their local SBDCs for FREE face-to-face business consulting and at-cost training on a variety of business topics

  • Writing business plans
  • Accessing capital
  • Managing your taxes
  • Marketing
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Federal contracting
  • Technology development
  • International trade