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Summary: Lamesa has a 2016 estimated population of 9,532 with a 5-year projected increase to 9,581. It’s Hispanic or Latino population (of any race) is just above 60% or 5,784. (Note: Constituents may not be aware that when collecting data the U.S. Census Bureau classifies the Hispanic/Latino identification under the “White” race. The U.S. government defines Hispanic as an ethnicity, not a race). There are 3,533 households in the City. More than 68% of Lamesa hold a high school degree, GED, or higher. Lamesa has a relatively young population with a median age of 35. Lastly, its average household income is $58,662.

The following spreadsheet is a dynamic Excel document provides redacted demographic data for the City of Lamesa from Nielsen Claritas. You can interact with this data sheet by sorting & filtering, typing your own data, and by downloading the document to your own computer.

2016 Population & Households

  • Total Population
  • # of Households

U.S. Census Bureau Data

Following is data provided by the U.S. Census Bureau. This data is very reliable, but tends to lag a few years. LED subscribes to current Nielsen® demographic databases which are based on U.S. Census information, then extrapolated to account for trends and various projections. Current-year data is available upon request to Lamesans and firms/site selectors looking to conduct business in Lamesa. Contact LED for more information on this no-cost service.

(About the data in the green box: For your convenience this data is provided as a download in Excel format. To convert into a .pdf format, simply Open the file, click Save As, then choose PDF in the dropdown menu.)

Following are interactive charts based on the latest data offered by the U.S. Census Bureau. This data is the same as the American Community Survey information above in the green box, but in graphic form. This data is very reliable and automatically-updated. Happy clicking!