Lamesa has both Type A & Type B Economic Development Corporations

The Lamesa Economic Development Corporation & Lamesa Economic Alliance Project are respectively Type A and Type B 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit economic development corporations established by the City of Lamesa to strengthen and diversify the tax base of Lamesa. The two corporations are directed by a single executive director and two separate Board of Directors. Though separate entities, the two corporations are referred to, and largely operate, under the umbrella name “Lamesa Economic Development” (or “LED”) for branding & marketing purposes.

The LEDC and LEAP are funded by an adopted sales tax enabled by the Development Corporation Act of 1979. Each organization receives a 1/4 cent from Lamesa’s sales tax. To read more about Type A and B EDCs, go here: www.texasahead.org/tax_programs/typeab.

LEDC and LEAP provide a broad range of free and confidential services to business and industry considering new locations for expansion, relocation, or consolidation. LEDC and LEAP work to address multiple factors of production, including land/building inventory, workforce development, entrepreneurship, and other key elements to support economic development. Corporation services include identifying available sites and facilities, accessing applicable local and statewide business support and incentive programs, and evaluating critical site location factors. LEDC and LEAP also assist existing companies through initiatives and an upcoming Retention and Expansion program.

The mission of LEDC & LEAP are to “Establish a Vibrant and Competitive Economy” to improve the quality of life in Lamesa, TX.

Download the Latest E.D. Primer!

The Texas Economic Development Council publishes & updates an Economic Development Sales Tax Primer. This primer is a fantastic & simple introduction to Texas economic development. It is posted here for the both the benefit & education of local officials and constituents.


  • Land, buildings, equipment, facilities, improvements, and expenditures that are for the creation and retention of primary jobs and suitable for the development, retention, or expansion of the following types of projects: manufacturing, industrial, research & development, recycling, small warehouses, distribution centers, regional or national corporate headquarters, closed or realigned military bases, and primary job training facilities by higher education institutions

  • Job training classes and career centers (no
    primary job requirement)

  • Business airport facilities and port-related facilities

  • Clean-up of contaminated project sites (with a special election and specific ballot language)

  • Business-related sewer utilities and site improvements

  • Beach remediation in Gulf communities required or suitable to promote or develop new or expanded business enterprise

  • Infrastructure assistance to retail or commercial projects

  • Ownership of a certain project based in Hidalgo County

  • The City of Port Arthur is authorized to usethe tax on certain general infrastructure, job training and university housing projects

  • General airport facilities for communities located 25 miles from the US/Mexico border only

  • Type B projects with voter approval

  • Light rail, commuter rail, or motor buses

  • Projects designed to attract new military missions, prevent the closure of existing missions, and redevelop a closed or realigned military base&l


  • Everything authorized under Type A, including retail and commercial projects with the same restrictions

  • Water supply facilities (with a special election and specific ballot language)

  • Projects that improve a community’s quality of life, including parks, professional and amateur sport and athletic facilities, tourism and entertainment facilities, affordable housing, and other improvements or expenditures that promote new or expanded business activity that create or retain primary jobs.

  • Projects designed to attract new military missions, prevent the closure of existing missions, and redevelop a closed or realigned military base.

  • Sewer or solid waste disposal facilities in Hidalgo County

  • Direct incentives for retail in communities with fewer than 20,000 residents and certain land-locked cities

  • Hangers, airport maintenance and repair facilities, air cargo facilities, related infrastructure located on or adjacent to an airport facility

  • Airport facilities provided that the eligible municipality enter into an approved development agreement with an entity that acquires a leasehold or other possessory interest from the economic development corporation

  • Rail ports, rail switching facilities, marine ports, and inland ports

No-Cost & Confidential Services

LEDC & LEAP provide a broad range of services to business & industry considering new locations for expansion, relocation, or consolidation. LEDC & LEAP work to address multiple factors of production, including but not limited to the following:

Services Offered by Both Corporations

  • 01

    Start & grow a business: We can help you start a business. This includes vetting business ideas and obtaining industry research to registering for a tax ID, completing a business plan, and preparing for financing. We can help existing business variety of issues such as workforce development training and quality control to improving entrepreneurial skill-sets with QuickBooks training.

  • 02

    Grants & Loans: Incentives and financing are scaled to the economic development project. The larger the capital investment and job creation numbers, the more favorable the assistance. All non-budgetary expenditures must be approved by our business-friendly City Council.

  • 03

    Real Estate & Site Options: LED can assist with identifying land & buildings for your project. Contact the Executive Director to discuss your project parameters in confidence. A project name or  the generic name “client” will be used to shop your real estate needs within the commercial real estate community, which has frequent contact with LED.

  • 04

    Business Advocacy: LED can act act as a liaison between private companies and the City of Lamesa in order to address concerns affecting business operations. LED can also help firms access applicable local and statewide business support and incentive programs. Advocacy includes providing custom proposals and helping firms evaluate critical site location factors.LED assists existing companies through initiatives & an upcoming Retention & Expansion Program.